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Anil Biswas – Music Director

Anil Biswas ( Music Director )

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Ham aas lagaye baitthe hain... tum vaada karke bhool gaye... ya soorat aake dikha jao... ya keh do hamko yaad na kar...


” Mukesh came to me,” says Anil Biswas, “wanting to be second Kundanlal Saigal. He had just heard Naushad record in the voice of Saigal, ‘jab dil hi toot gaya’ for Shahjahan”. So he studiedly cast him in the mould of K.L. Saigal through this song. “Having done that, and on proving a hit, I told Mukesh that we had both proved our point that we could do a Saigal. Now we had, I told him, to prove that Mukesh was Mukesh, the genuine product, not just an imitation of Sai- gal. I had myself cast Mukesh in the Saigal format, and now, I myself brought him out of it with ‘jeevan sapna toot gaya’, even getting him to sing, in his own distinct voice in the same Anokha Pyar, a snatch of ‘yaad rakhna chaand taaron is suhani raat ko’.” The raag was darbari, year 1945 and the song brought a still relatively unknown Mukesh to the altar of public fame. On his death in 1976, Anil Biswas said that he lost one of his sons.